Products & Services

Products & Services

Fascia Signages

Fascia sign is an exclusive term given to the signage that displays the name or identity of your building. The brand name, brand image and product/service name can be highlighted by using these signs. They are usually huge in size and are placed to be seen clearly from a distance. It can be made from any of the signage material, viz., stainless steel, brass, acrylic, aluminium, copper etc. We custom-prepare them according to the colour, style and budget that our customers prefer. They are most popular with the use of lighting to be seen clearly at night too, but they can also be made without the use of lighting. Any of the light effects can be installed in this kind of signage, front lighting, backlighting or illuminating from inside.

Vinyl Signs

Vinyl Sign is most commonly used for making temporary banners, posters, standee for keeping indoors, during the camps, conferences, seminars, workshops and other such programmes. The sheet of Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC is used to make it and subject matter and/or picture of advertisements, posters, notifications etc. are printed on it. It is the cheapest of all and is used for making advertisement and banners to be displayed on roads, camps, standees etc.

Pylon Signages

Pylon literally means ‘pillar’, which gives this signage its personality. Pylon sign is the sign that it in the form of pillar. It is mainly used for making the direction poles on the road. Aluminium Composite Panel (or ACP) sheets are used to make it. It is also made by cutting acrylic sheets. MS Frames and base plates are almost exclusively used in pylon signs.

Acrylic Fabrication

Glass Film Branding

Name Plates

Name Plates can be made in different materials with different techniques. Such as Etching, Engraving, Printing & Vinyl Pasting.  

Caution & Road Signs

Traffic and Parking Signs come in a variety of materials and sizes so you’re sure to find exactly what you need. The roads and parking areas around your facility, property, campus or other areas need signs of all shapes,sizes and directions. We have a huge selection – you’ll find all of the Road Signs, Traffic Signs, Parking Signs, Street and Highway Signs you need right here.

Wall Branding

Acrylic Posters

Stainless Steel Signs

Backlit Signs

This term clearly indicate the type of illuminations used for lighting up the signage. Backlighting is when the back of your sign is lit, giving a ‘stand in relief’ impression. All the signs can be backlit. Even the metal signage can be backlit, by illuminating the whole sign from the back or cutting out the letters in the metal sign and illuminate from inside. In lit sign are mostly made from acrylic that is translucent and allows some light to pass through it, giving it the impression of illuminated letters’.

Acrylic Signs